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Phoenix Reborn Games

From the About Us:  An ancient mythological figure, the phoenix symbolizes death and rebirth. Consuming itself in flames, it is then reborn from its own ashes. It is for these very reasons that the phoenix is our company’s symbol. Our games are meant to entertain as they inspire, helping you be “reborn” into the best, most authentic version of YOU. Whether you undertake a solo challenge or gather some friends for an evening of soul-searching fun, we hope our products help provide you many years of excitement, self-discovery, and improved relationships.

The Game of Shame - Our First Game

Forget the old saying of "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil."  The Game of Shame flips that notion on its head, and you will instead See Everything, Hear Everything, and Speak Everything!  By yourself or with a group of people, you will draw a few cards and play the game.  Get ready to dig into all manner of juicy stories...


To Grammy's Garden We Go

Everyone has a special thing that they share with their grandmother.  Whether it be gardens, puzzles, cooking or something else the magic of those memories stay with us as we grow into adulthood.  My Gram and I did jigsaw puzzles together, that was our very special thing.  Our puzzle time gave me some of the best memories with Gram from childhood.  For my sister Kristin, it was Gram’s garden.  They loved to garden together and Kristin’s love of flowers just kept growing.  This book honors Kristin’s special memories.  To purchase a copy, click the button for the version you would like to buy.

* Works with Fire tablets, Fire phone, Kindle app for iPad, Kindle app for iPhone and Kindle Android apps